Seaguar Jr Leader Fluorocarbon Line (0,205-0,37mm) 40-50m

Brand: Seaguar
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Seaguar Jr Leader Fluorocarbon Line



A new type of fluorocarbon by Japanese leading company in fluorocarbon technology.

The new Seaguar Jr Fluorocarbon has it all over mono, when it comes to underwater visibility. In fact, Seaguar Jr Fluorocarbon practically disappears in the water. That ultra-low visibility assures a much more natural presentation and it's far less likely to spook the fish.

It also displays excellent traits when it comes to knot strength and shock resistant.

Seaguar Jr is water proof.

Diameter Length(m)
#1/0,165mm 50m
#1.5/0,205mm 50m
#2 0,235mm 50m
#2.5/0,260mm 50m
#3/0,285mm 50m
#4/0,33mm 50m
#5/0,37mm 40m



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