Spoon for salmon Iron Wolf Psycho 18g

Brand: Iron Wolf
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Spoon for salmon Iron Wolf Psycho 18g


Lures – for catching   salmon, sea trout and pike. Aggressive   play, works great on   strong currents. In   stagnant water , the   trajectory   of the game   is near the bottom. Provocative   paint with   UV  ...
  • Lures – for catching salmon, sea trout and pike.
  • Aggressive play, works great on strong currents.
  • In stagnant water, the trajectory of the game is near the bottom.
  • Provocative paint with UV effect.
  • Made from 100% brass.
  • Rings – forged from stainless steel, withstands a load of up to 60 kg.
  • Reinforced especially sharp hooks “MUSTAD” holding loads up to 40kg with inward curved stings.
Iron Wolf

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