Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown 7cm 7g sinking

Brand: Rapala
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Main features       Length: 7cm      Weight: 7g      Crochet depth: 1.8-2.7m Type: drowning      Depth: varied      Fish: pike, perch, trout and others....

Main features     

  1. Length: 7cm     
  2. Weight: 7g     
  3. Crochet depth: 1.8-2.7m
  4. Type: drowning     
  5. Depth: varied     
  6. Fish: pike, perch, trout and others. Rhizomes

Other features     

  • Unique, patented form tongue     
  • The body made of balsa wood     
  • Classic CountDown Forms     
  • Special weight: smooth, easy to control sink     
  • Aggressively fluctuating, flap, perfectly imitates the wounded fish     
  • VMC black nickel hooks     
  • Hand tested and aligned


When calculating bait, you count on this wobble (countdown method). The countdown method is as follows: after trowelling, tighten the relaxed whale (wrap) and start counting at once (usually the following is calculated: "one thousand one", "one thousand two" ...). Wait until the wobbler reaches the bottom or bottom of the vegetation. Pleasure to relax, remember the counted number. When reloading, count one or two numbers less and start wrapping. The bait will climb a little above the bottom - where the swarms of predators are, and the bait does not reach the bottom of the barrel.

Fishing tactics

Take bait in the rivers for 45 times. Down the road, let it descend to the required depth and wrap it up. The bait is designed for normal and quick pulling. Swap the bait with the coil wrapping speed, add extra fishing rods and the predator will not resist it.

Lure size:
  • 6-8cm
Sink Rate:

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