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Mini boillies that are perfect as method feeder hookbaits. Available in all the flavours in our range. Strong smelling attractive hookbaits that fish will home in on quickly so you get bites quicker. Sizes: 10mm

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Soft 6mm hooker pellets that stay on the hook. Available in all the flavours  in our range. The special texture ensures a light  and soft pellet that does not break down in water.  Sizes: 6mm Package weight: 60g The convenient box will allow you to keep pellets for...

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The Sensas IM7 Mini Boilies Bloodworm come in the same flavors as the IM7 Pellets and bait feeders. These Mini boilies are carefully manufactured and leak their attracting attractants slowly so that they stay on the hair perfectly. Sizes: 10mm Package weight: 80g The convenient box...

These soft, ready to use pellets are available in sizes 4mm and 6mm. These bait hooks are immediately colored and soaked in fragrance. They have a perfect consistency and stick well to the hook. The pads are soft - you can put them on the hook right away. Strong enough: to use as a bait...