Life vests

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Universal life vest 

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A special vest design : In the water, vest always keeps raised child head above water. Maximum capacity : 100N Certificate : PN-EN ISO: 120402-4:2007 P urpose :  Inland waters , open waters, universal use . Color: Orange Reflective...

Model   Retains weight Color 100N-10-20 10–20 kg Orange 100N-20-30 20–30 kg Orange 100N-30-40 30–40 kg Orange 100N-40-60 40–60 kg Orange 100N-60-70...

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Floating vest camouflage

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Very comfortable, inflatable life vest with front pockets for  various fishing accessories . 150N lifting power, manually a ctivating with special line.  Features One size 33g CO2 cylinder can be used once , for life vest inflation (after...